We put ourselves at the service of our customers, from the first request for a quote to final delivery, through key steps:

  • Listening, needs analysis: starting with the structure of product collections (4P marketing positioning, segmentation, strategy).
  • Technical design / development: as a recommendation, we offer one or more forms of “tailor-made” tools that meet our client’s expectations, corresponding to their image and the working habits of their employees.

Our expertise / knowledge of the products and the market, our privileged links with its players.

  • Preparation of quotes, different options that can be offered:
  • Prototypes

If needed, we can directly get in touch with the material manufacturers in order to gather the technical datas (documentary research, photos, technical sheets) and order the materials needed .

We can work on files and color models provided or fully perform the graphic design, models and layout of documents.

We constantly follow the progress of the project, with reminders and regular points.

Logistics organization of shipments to 1 or more delivery addresses. We can also organize the dispatch to each point of sale in France but also in other European countries.

Our central location in France is a significant advantage.